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Meet the Therapist
​     Bernice Gilman, owner of Healthy Essential LLC, is passionate about massage and helping the body heal. She has great respect and amazement for the human body and is continually learning.

     Bernice’s specialties include deep tissue sculpting, neuromuscular therapy, biomechanics, lymph drainage, Swedish massage and reflexology. She integrates the techniques into a therapeutic treatment that is effective, comfortable and relaxing. She has helped many clients with pain relief, arthritis, fibromyalgia, scar tissue release, whiplash, upper neck and shoulder restrictions ,numbness in the arms and hands, low back pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, etc. and edema and pain from surgery such as cosmetic surgery, knee and hip replacements, edema from tendinitis and joint injuries, sinus, ear, nose and throat congestion, and body detoxification. 

     Bernice is also trained to work with special populations including, pregnancy massage, geriatrics, wheelchair bound, sports, and medical massage.  

     Bernice has experienced the pain relief and benefits of massage herself. Massage has helped her recover and heal from childhood injuries that made it difficult for her to walk, stand, climb stairs, rollover in bed, and care for her family. Massage has made it possible for her to be able to perform massage today.  

     With over 10-years of experience In chiropractor offices, spas and private practice, teaching massage, massage textbook development, and thousands of hours of training, she also earned a Master’s in Sports Medicine and Fitness. She is constantly seeking knowledge to assist the body in healing. 

     Bernice looks forward to meeting you and assisting you in comfort and health. 

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